About Us
We are an independent studio striving to create innovative, entertaining & helpful projects in each of our three divisions, Film & TV, Software and Publishing. We each bring a passion and expertise for a different area of our business, working together to create solutions that ultimately span all three media areas. We are:

Angela Guzzo
President & Publishing Director
Angela Guzzo has been dreaming up stories since high school and writing professionally since 2001. In 2008, Angela's short sci-fi script "Maklar, Anyone?" was selected by the Duke City Shootout committee to be produced in the 2008 competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Directed by Studio Mongo partner Phil Guzzo, the resulting film has won several awards including Audience Favorite at the 2009 Sci-Fi Film Festival in Seattle, Washington. Angela has also published several articles and manages all of the company lifestyle sites on topics ranging from Home Improvement to Quilting. Prior to her writing career, Angela spent ten years in the high-tech industry, first as a web developer and later as a Creative Director. She brings those skills to Studio Mongo, adding design and management to her contribution on each project. Angela currently works from home amidst total family chaos in Oregon's beautiful wine country.

Phil Guzzo
Vice-President, Film & Televisions
Phil Guzzo comes to Studio Mongo by way of over 20 years of special effects and post-production experience. As a former Flame compositor with Will Vinton Studios, now Laika Entertainment, Phil worked on many diverse projects including The PJ's and The Gary and Mike TV series, the Power Puff Girls music video featuring the Apples in Stereo, the M&M's commercial campaigns, three television pilots and a variety of other advertising and entertainment projects. Phil has also worked as producer/director for Fox and CBS affiliates, directed an independent feature and a number of shorts, and has done animation and compositing on games and music videos. He is currently in various stages of development on a number projects.

Sean Daly
Vice-President, Software
With over 18 years of professional experience, Sean has always focused on using the latest technologies to deliver seamless rich content. He has built everything from web-based travel applications to online music stores and worked for clients ranging from Freightliner to the White House. As the lead developer for wine.com by eVineyard, Inc., he also completely rebuilt the wine.com website core including product catalog, searching, shopping cart, database session management, click tracking, discounting/coupon system, wish lists, rating and checkout. Sean is also the guy to ask if you're looking for a great place to eat in Portland or a great band to listen to in Boston. He currently lives and sails in upstate New York.
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