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We have a passion for the fantastic, find the absurd hilarious, and commit fully to our characters. As a result, we have won several awards for our screenwriting and our short film projects. We continue to develop projects for screens both big and small and back our dreams with a long history of industry experience. Some of our films include:

Maklar, Anyone?
"Maklar, Anyone?"
The fate of the universe hangs in the balance as Juliet hides her true identity while navigating the politics of Captain Mansley's StarQuest DS fan club, her attraction to Matthew, and the little problem of trying to save the world from an errant cocktail weenie. Written by Angela Guzzo, Directed by Phil Guzzo.

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An earlier version of "Maklar, Anyone?" was made as a part of the 48 Hour Film Project. With an entirely different cast, crew and special effects, it's a complete different ride through the "Maklar, Anyone?" world. Produced as a part of the 2004 48 Hour Film Project.Written by Angela Guzzo, Directed by Phil Guzzo.

When a teenaged boy accidentally summons MobiusX, a multi-dimensional transport device from the future in the form of a beautiful woman, he has no idea what he's in for. Produced in part by Oregon3D for the 2003 SIGGRAPH convention. Written by Angela Guzzo, Story by Angela Guzzo and Aaron Boonshoft, Directed by Phil Guzzo

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Not willing to be burned again by a dreaded chess game, Death makes a miscalculation when attempting to collect on his next appointment. Written & Directed by Phil Guzzo.

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